......ROOTS, we all have them. Not always VISIBLE, they might be underground as some of the roots of this tree – or – They may be in a former place and time. A NURSERY somewhere...were it was first ...SEEDED...ROOTED.... The LIFE Of this RED MAPLE began as a seed from Japanese red maple tree growing in the backyard in Rochester New York. As a seedling it was put in a can and brought to this place on the lake and planted HERE by JAKE RILEY, my father The legendary progenitor of many now living other places. He and FRAN, his wife – my mother – bought this place in 1962 and this tree was probably planted in 1963. See it here!.. then we might say is tree obviously has roots! It's beautiful – it's been here all these years – it speaks to many people of the story of it's coming here. I might call the roots of this tree "LOVE ROOTS".. It was loved into being. Loved in to be HERE. This tree came from a home, to make THIS HILLSIDE and SMALL HOUSE ...a HOME. You and I have roots that are not always visible...and we've been transplanted as well. . We're we are now living isn't the place where we began- our roots are under us but actually... Often our roots were first another place where we began our lives, where someone who loved us to being. THAT IS THE GROUND of the place that we might call our FIRST or ORIGINAL HOME. +LOVE ROOTS..... they are important because they are from where we found our first sustenance...our identity... Our BEING. Our meaning and Our purpose...from WHERE we WENT FORTH! AS we are SENT OUT to the world BY CHRIST, we are called to bring GOOD NEWS. WEe never lose our rootedness in THE ONE who has loved us into being – into the journey beyond our first origins. High on this hillside over to KEUKE LAKE this little tree is still loved. It is loved by persons who lives are now LIVED other places, ...I know generations of the persons, MY FAMILY MEMBERS who planted this tree WITH THEM as they went forth from here – the ORIGINAL LOVE ROOTS of this tree....its meaning and it planters, JAKE and FRAN, has produced many saplings – around many homes in homesteads.. WE have branched out all over the world!

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