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YOU MAY ALSO..WAKE SOMETIMES before you intend to some days. ~I did this morning and got up and wandered around this hilltop as DAWN SHOWED HERSELF WITH BROTHER SUN ARRIVING THROUGH CLOUDS... Struck by the BEAUTY of flowers, warming light in the sky at the same time, stirred by a dream that was in me AS I WOKE about my LIFE'S ROAD, the WAY... and purpose. ~Feeling a joyful call to LIVE HERE IN THESE WOODS... the lyrics of a song came to me and this picture seems the one to be beside them: ~ "WE ARE GOING. Heaven knows where we are going.~ We'll know we're there! ~ We will get there. ~ Heaven knows how we will get there. ~ WE KNOW WE WILL ~ It will BE HARD we know and the THE ROAD WILL BE MUDDY and Rough~ BUT WE'LL GET THERE ~Heaven knows how we will get there. ~ WE KNOW WE WILL!" ~. My friend, Kim Harris, sent me these lyrics years ago on a postcard I still keep in my journel. The road below the flower bed in this picture is rough and muddy at times. It ascends to the highest point of Mount Irenaeus. ~These flowers grow beside it as a greeting to those who are climbing up past my Hermitage, La Paz... I look at the flowers..and through them to the SUNRISE AND THE ROAD+++,,, and send them off TO YOU today as you climb YOUR OWN MOUNTAIN of LIFE! ~ PEACE! Dan ofm

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