Fridays in LENT for early Christians where TIME TO take before THE CRUCIFIX; The cross which also has Christ's body on it and this one in particular which is takes us into the full Mystery of his death, burial and resurrection.~St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi with their brothers and sisters spent hours,days,years before this particular depiction of Christ's PASSOVER. ~St Clare's words are especially helpful for us.. ~"GAZE" ..look deeply..upon the cross,let its sacred drama enter your senses. ~"CONSIDER IT",let you imagination take you in to it and all that is here, risk exploring this creation-changing event. ~CONTEMPLATE THIS SO it will enter you fully, transforming your heart and actions for this is GOD WHO IS LOVE POURED OUT... and ~IMITATE IT; take on Christ who has taken on "ALL THINGS"~has taken you on – NOW...WALK, WORK WITH HIM in the world! A simple reflection from time here this morning...Luke's Gospel chapter 12:22-39. A favorite one for St. Francis, his own life ~and counsel for his followers;..." Do NOT BE AFRAID LITTLE FLOCK for YOUR FATHER is pleased to GIVE you HIS KINGDOM!".. For where YOUR TREASURE is there also is your HEART WILL BE!".. chew over These words and HEAR Christ Jesus speaking them to our hearts~ He lifts us up from self preoccupation and sets our feet again on the path OF TRUST. ~ THE REIGN OF GOD is here and now! – HERE and now for us to share with one another "FEAR NOT little flock ~for your father has given you his REIGN!" you can make time..GAZE again, .....! Peace! Dan OFM

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