The SKY was FULL OF BLOOD this morning. It bled and fell into the pond which caught it in the midst of it's freezing. Cold and freezing #EARTH – stories from around the world of coldheartedness and up blood. THE SKY was FIRE this morning. It lit up the whole sky and consume the blooded. And the fire fled from the sky to the FACE of the EARTH... and lit up our pond and burned out the blood making the +BLOOD and FIRE ONE+... The SKY is full of LIFE and LIGHT this morning. It bears the burden of the SUFFERING of the EARTH'S PEOPLES and reflects it back to us but will not let us stay in pain! – it's CREATOR has BORN OUR SUFFERING!. The sky the blood in the fire are OUR CHRIST..our anointing of FIRE THROUGH BLOOD poured out in LOVE.. . IN this Christ who is the fire and the blood of our life~ We have our hope of a NEW DAY and a NEW EARTH. It invites us to rise up from the earth and the pond..each of our homes and our places.. ~ From the WATER that is LIVING FOR US.. in us ...the newness of life will be her NEW LIFE for others. This is the DAY WE ARE BORN TOGETHER into through blood and through fire and through light and love. May we be ANOINTED in the Christ who is the power that will SAVE US from our COLD-BLOODNESS – WHO calls us from our anger and violence. This #Christ has poured out the fire of his love and his blood on the face of the earth and he calls us now to rise up in the #HOPE of all that he has done for us. ~He asked us to RISE UP as ONE PEOPLE filled with FIRE OF LOVE, and full of the blood of Life....WE who WILL FORGE+PEACE+.... WITH one another. CHRIST... Known in many names – is OUR PEACE! AMEN.... come Lord Jesus! Let us awake and be on with our call we and love ARE ONE! Dan ofm. #holynameprovince #stbonaventureuniversity

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