For Friars — Come Try Our Way of Life

At Mt. Irenaeus we attempt to live a Gospel, fraternal life modeled after Francis and the early brothers. 

We walk in unity with Franciscan brothers throughout the United States and the world. In that spirit, Mt. Irenaeus welcomes Franciscan friars to live on the land and share our Gospel manner of life and ministry.

If you are a friar interested in a more contemplative way of life, growing closer to God, God's people and the natural world, then come try our way of life at Mt. Irenaeus! Our mission and Gospel manner of life and ministry invite you to a mutual discernment process to join us for a time — a week, a month, a year or more. 

We spend our days sharing in prayer, offering hospitality to guests, preparing and eating meals together along with opportunities for individual work and solitude. All of these daily tasks have the end point of proclaiming the Good News.

Our life is a contemporary expression of an ancient Franciscan and evangelizing way of living. As the discussion of reorganization continues among Franciscans in the U.S., you may ask yourself, "What's next for me as a minister, as a brother?" All friars are welcome to visit and consider making the Mountain a home.

For further discernment, we invite you to read this article by Thomas Merton called "Franciscan Eremitism," which begins on page 23.

Here's a personal invitation to all brothers from Dan Riley, ofm, founder and animator, and Kevin Kriso, ofm, guardian of our Holy Peace Friary. To contact Dan or Kevin, please email


Where are we located? We are situated in beautiful western New York, 78 miles south of the Buffalo airport near the Pennsylvania border. You will truly experience all four of God's seasons here! Here's a sense of our place: