.....FEW THINGS Are more beautiful than hills and valleys – trees standing upright and washed clean by an NIGHT'S RAIN. Rather than The sound of an intruder - the threat of one who might do violence – last night's rain came gently as the sound of peace and succor for all of us who need relief. It was a gentle outpouring of God's kindness and love last night that wetted down the dry earth around us here. It's been a concern for the local farmers and we who try to grow crops for a table. There is something very primal...awesome...COMFORTING and REASSURING in the wonder of a rain... It's waves of water on a warn dry night . It truly is a manifestation of the OUTPOURING of GOD'S LOVE and attention for each creature. Each of us receiving our own due; our own drenching in the wonder of the water poured out from the heavens. At a time when the world seems to be holding back – when FEAR and ANGER can rivet us and we might freeze...... The RAIN CAME , and comes again, and comes again...It did last night in gentle ribbons of soft SHOWERS OF nourishment for all of us. THE GENEROSITY of this RAIN... this gift of GOD...INVITES US us TO STAND UP.... Like these hills and trees.... and thrive today BESIDE ONE ANOTHER. CLOUDS CLEAR now but will gather again. And when they do more rain will come that will help you and I respond to each other. We might stand more confidently knowing we are being cared for, we might begin to CARE for ONE ANOTHER. +++CREATOR OF US ALL.. .God Of mercy and of peace – wash our cities and villages and Homes.... As you have washed our countryside. May we trust in you... that you will care for us So that we will care for one another. Amen Dan OFM , let us care for one another. #mountains #rain #peace #Earth #God #creator #clouds #fear #nourishment #mercy #unity #trees #beautiful

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