ITS SUNDAY, maybe it was your Friday or Saturday .. WHERE DO YOU GO TO WORSHIP? ~It might sound like I'm asking about a PLACE, huh?.. Like I'm wondering where you "GO" to worship rather than the TAKING THE #WORSHIP ~ GOING ON IN YOU~ to somewhere possibly with OTHERS. ~Maybe too because we see worship as outside of us and that large structures and events make it happen..Not US...and, especially when, right now, I'm inviting us to look at HOLY #PEACE CHAPEL as it rests on the saddle of our HILL we call Mount Irenaeus. ~you are most welcome to join us here anytime~ .… But I'm not really's thinking so much about a STRUCTURE or a service. ~ rather I'm wondering about where we go TO WONDER AND GIVE THANKS – and to- find and celebrate the core of life intimacy with THE ONE who has created and ordered ALL THINGS. The GOD who's WILL IT IS TO REMAIN IN US AND WE IN GOD as "VINE and BRANCH". ~ WHO'S #DREAM WAS AND IS to REMAIN WITH US AND ALL CREATION.... Where do we go within our hearts with in our relationships to be ONE with one another?... to discover and express what is beyond words but invites us TO GATHER; to congregate out of GRATITUDE and be GLAD, rejoice, sing, DANCE!!. ~And then to live lives totally transformed by this ENCOUNTER. ~ WE, more and more WANT TO live lives that celebrate the core of life because the core is WITHIN AND AMONG us!..pause long enough in quiet and you'll SENSE it!. ~THE CORE/HEART is where we go to worship! ~ With our HEARTS LONGING TO LIVE WHO WE ARE, and make a living PEACEFUL, mercy full world..- ~. This is Women and men, young and older delighting in, WALK AND DRIVE and LONG to be a part of "playing on the face of their EARTH" ~ WITH ALL OTHER CREATURES!... IMAGE THAT!.. #Imagine now...~OVER 30 YEARS AGO~ finding others who dared to IMAGINE and begin HERE to live this DREAM...We fall down, we rise up here and all places that we might WORSHIP TOGETHER. ~YOU are in our hearts as we seek to be ONE here!.. Let us pray for one another, peace! Dan ofm

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