Mountain Companions

Non-friars, men and women, young and old have always been a part of the Gospel manner of life and ministry of Mt. Irenaeus. This is not because we have not had enough friars to perform the ministry. Companioning with laity has always been integral to the ministry of the Mountain. Some folks have stayed for a month or so and some have stayed for two years. However, all of them have enriched the life of the Mountain and have given prodigies of service.

Now, as the Mountain moves into a new generation with a further reach, the Mountain Board of Trustees, the resident community and our friends far and near have encouraged us to make this a more regular, conscious and ongoing practice. Therefore, we are forming our Mountain Companions Ministry. This ministry will give men and women who have not taken religious vows the opportunity to live out their baptismal promises. As the documents of Vatican II make it clear, all of us are called to holiness and to bring our gifts in service to others.

Companions will live the life of the Mountain and will be servant leaders in a variety of capacities including leaders in prayer, hospitality, housekeeping, maintenance, and ministerial outreach to St. Bonaventure University students and a wide spectrum of others in a loving, non-judgmental way. We already have a grad student from St. Bonaventure University who will be joining us in August. We are also continuing the search for men and women who are at a point in their lives to join us in our life and ministry for a period of time.