Mountain on the Road

Many times we feel lost or are aware of a disconnect between our place in the church and the church itself. Perhaps we feel we have no place at all.

The Mountain on the Road ministry brings the Mt. Irenaeus model of church, truly the very first model practiced by the early Christians, to communities around the country. Friars and students partake in a collaborative, intergenerational ministry by traveling to major cities throughout the United States to share their personal experiences of God.

Anyone is welcome for an afternoon of rich conversation, sharing in the Eucharist, and a joyful experience with old and new friends. It is wonderful to witness the powerful sense of renewal and refreshment alumni feel from simply spending four hours with members of the Mt. Irenaeus family.


Virtual Mountain on the Road Experience

If you're not able to join us on the road, then we've created a virtual online on the road experience.