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As a contemporary expression of early Franciscan life, we celebrate prayer, work and leisure daily, open to our guests. We believe the peace we seek is healing and lasting and "makes all things new." 

We live in the Allegheny hills of Southwestern New York State, less than two hours from Erie, Buffalo and Rochester. Mt. Irenaeus rests on 387 remote acres including forest and clearings with at least 10 miles of trails, six prayer cabins varying in size, Holy Peace Chapel and our large community House of Peace. View our timeline and history for more information about our 30 years of ministry.

To plan a visit with us for an afternoon, overnight or longer, please review this information:

  1. Where to Stay
  2. Where to Pray
  3. Personal Needs 
  4. Calendar/Mass Schedule
  5. Securing Accommodations
  6. Directions
  7. Guidelines for an Experience of Mt. Irenaeus                                                             

On The Road

The Mountain on the Road ministry brings the Mt. Irenaeus model of church to our St. Bonaventure family. Friars and students partake in a collaborative, intergenerational ministry by traveling to major cities throughout the United States. Learn more details and participate in a virtual Mountain on the Road experience.


In Your Home

We're taking the Mountain to your home as groups begin to identify themselves in cities across the country. Gathering informally like this is a way we can help each other as St. Francis said to his sisters and brothers, “Let us begin anew.”  Learn more details about our local gatherings.